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About Hare Krsna Impex (HKI)


About Us

Hare Krsna Impex (HKI) has authentic collection of Sports show Mesh Fabric. HKI strives to show the world that an ethical supply chain of fabric Items is within reach. All items are Made in India. For over four years we have been building relationships with vendors and groups all over India. During this process, we've introduced a variety of quality control and organizational techniques that help them keep quality high and producing an items that has a consistency required in the international market. We have set up communication systems & small production facility at the vendors place. This has helped us export items to the American, Europe, Asian & Australian market without any major issue. 

Representatives : HKI offices

Global Operations  : Puneet Singh  

India (Delhi): Gaurav Kapoor 

United Kingdom (London) : Astha Priyadarshi 

Japan (Tokyo) : Santosh Kumar Singh 

Australia : Smriti Kapoor 

Why Hare Krsna Impex ?

Transparency:- It is our goal to provide as much information about the people, processes, materials and impacts behind our products so our consumers can have confidence in their purchase and form a connection with the producers. We will continue to increase documentation and platforms for this information as we grow. 

Experience:- Being a Mesh Fabric, we have vast years of experience in this domain and knowledge.

Wide Range of Products :-  At Harekrsnaimpex, wide range of  options to choose from for the specific needs.

High Quality Control:- While maintaining reasonable prices, we never compromise on the quality of our products we deliver.

Sourcing : Be it Polyester or any other raw material, it is sourced from world's best polyester suppiers

Re-investing Profits : Through developing long lasting relationships with the artisans we work with, we are able to understand how to effectively reinvest our profits to make the biggest impact on their work, lives and community. So far, we have invested in machinery as well as a variety of trainings on natural dying, quality control and accessory construction.

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